• Every student deserves a free and appropriate education in a safe and supportive environment!
  • Our Public Education System must be comprehensively funded on every level to prepare our students for their careers and to become productive citizens!


Economic Equity

  • Training and funding opportunities need to be available for Small Business Owners (Women, Minority, and Disabled) to thrive and produce productive employees!
  • Employees should be earning livable wages to provide safe, adequate, and Affordable Housing and Health Care. Our elderly and disabled citizens should have safe adequate housing!
  • Communities should be afforded programs and funding opportunities to pull citizens out of the paths of poverty!


Voting Rights Protection

  • Every American wants to preserve a free society and free markets; Voting is that vehicle!
  • Voting is the foundation of our entire democracy and touches every aspect of our daily lives!
  • Our voting rights are being eroded away by people that do not want you to have the power that one vote affords you. You control who represents you and your voice by your one vote!