Meet Lillie

My name is Lillie Williams and I am from Kinston, North Carolina. I am running for election to the North Carolina House of Representatives for the great citizens of District 12. I want to help our citizens, all of our citizens to improve their quality of life by decreasing poverty and increasing economic equality.

I have nothing but great, happy, and healthy memories of being raised by my grandparents. I was the oldest child in that extended family of 13 children in that same house from time to time so I understand what poverty looks like.  

In The Community

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I was fortunate enough to improve my quality of living by taking advantage of the access to public education where I earned an Associate Degree in Mental Health, a Bachelor Degree in Special Education, a Masters in Educational Supervision and an Ed.S Degree in Educational Leadership. I have over 30 years of experience serving as a Classroom Teacher, Vice Principal, Principal, and Director of Education.

I have spent my entire career helping thousands of students find ways to overcome challenges and to reach their full potential. After retiring from public education, I continue to impact the youth, parents and my community through my services as a successful small business owner, minister and volunteer chaplain.

As a wife, mother, grandmother, educator, and minister, I believe that all people deserve a living wage and the highest quality of life possible. I will fight tooth and nail for all of us to have the right to decrease poverty by increasing wages and fully funding our public education. We must ensure that everyone has access to adequate, accessible and affordable healthcare and housing for all our citizens. We must protect our freedoms and our voting rights.

I am going to Raleigh to advocate for the important issues that impact you and your family. It will be my goal to provide my constituents with access to all levels of government to get their issues addressed and their problems solved!

With your help, we can make a difference in Greene, Lenoir, and Jones County. I would be honored to serve you in the North Carolina House of Representatives.